Can Pest Control Get Rid of Mice?

Mice are not impervious to pest control treatment. We have successfully assisted our clients control and terminate mice populations in their property. Following a through and complete survey of your home or business, we are able to understand the scale of the infestation and the location of nests so that we can devise a plan to treat your property.

At VIP Pest Control, we are fully equipped with the knowledge, equipment and treatment products to effectively remove mice from your property. We place traps and bait in strategic locations to help remove mice from their nests and to terminate the breeding process.

Here are a few reasons why treatment to remove mice is important.

Structural Damage

Mice are known to cause structural damage to your property. They can eat through insulation, electrical wiring and certain parts of your property. Most of the damage tends to be hidden and the resultant costs can be high. They can also squeeze into small confined spaces making your entire house exposed to these crafty pests.

Spread of Diseases

Mice carry harmful diseases that may affect your loved ones, colleagues, pets and plants. They also attract other pests and can spread nasty parasites to various parts of your property. Lower your liability and stress by ensuring that your home or business has been treated on a routine basis. This will ensure that any other pests that have received nasty diseases from mice are eliminated too.

Terminate the Breeding Process

Mice can multiply at a very fast rate. We take time to locate nests so that we can target the female mouse that is the culprit for breeding these nasty pests. Our technicians are trained to identify tracks and nesting grounds so that the treatment response is quick and effective.

If you are worried about mice and want to get rid of mice, pass on the worry to VIP Pest Control. We will be happy to treat your home or business. Give a friendly team member a call on 1800 198 041.

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