Bed Bugs – Control & Removal

Bed BugsThe insects known as bed bugs are basically quite small and oval-like in appearance. Brown in colour, when they find themselves in domestic environments, sharing a property with people, they tend to live on the blood of animals or humans. After a feeding, their brown colour turns to a more reddish one as their bodies enlarge.

As nocturnal insects, most of their activity occurs at night, while they rest and digest during the day. Being the clever creatures that they are, they received their name due to their tendency to hide in bedding and on mattresses, where they can easily access their preferred food sources. The way bedbugs locate their host is by sensing body heat and carbon dioxide in expired air, which is what they are most attracted to. The feeding usually lasts between 5-10 minutes.

If you suspect that you may be living with bed bugs, the best way to check is to inspect your sheets for blood stains and spots. Bed bugs may digest your blood and excrete it in spots along the sheets, and even the seams and beading of your mattress.

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